Motivational Speaker - Disability Advocate - Artist - Writer

Motivational Speaker - Disability Advocate - Artist - Writer

Motivational Speaker - Disability Advocate - Artist - WriterMotivational Speaker - Disability Advocate - Artist - Writer

My Mission

We never know what life will throw in our direction. There will be situations that are out of your control, leaving you feeling baffled. As hard as the circumstance is, it's possible to heal and rise above. My mission is to educate others  how to be their own self advocate, and how you can overcome any challenge you're facing! Through personal experiences, my hope is to enlighten others about accepting yourself for who you are. A disability will not stop you from living your life to the fullest; the only way it will stop you, is if you allow it too.


Overcoming Obstacles, diversity and Bullying


Adapting When Life Throws You Lemons

When a curve ball is thrown at you, it can feel like the world is ending; it may feel impossible to pick yourself back up. While working together, I will provide  the tools for you to overcome any challenge your facing, and accomplish your goals. If modifications are necessary, it doesn't change your course of action to become successful. You can do anything you set your mind to. One of the strongest things you can do is reaching out, and asking for help!


Breaking Barriers to Find Your True Self

Every person in society faces some form of challenges. With any obstacle, there's a point where it will affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally. There's two ways to handle difficult situations: either allow them to define you, or find a way to rise above. At one point, you will be sick of how this obstacle is affecting you. The only person that can change is you. Through personalized coaching sessions, I will work with you to help you find your authentic self.